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Your HR-cost should not be a surprise

Monthly payroll is your biggest and most important cost. Make sure you know in advance how much you pay to whom, when, and how this impacts your cash flow.

Instant clarity on your monthly
HR-cost and cash flow

Rolling cash and liquidity forecast

Monthly, weekly & daily view

Multi-currency view


Export to Excel and share

Detailed, clean tables

Graphs that will impress 

not only your banker

Understand how HR drives your cash flow

HR-cost break-down (1).png

Connecting Deel with TRESIO:

1. Sign up for a free TRESIO demo-account

2. Connect your Deel account with TRESIO using your Deel log-in

Deel Integration.png

By connecting Deel with TRESIO, employee and freelancer information will be forwarded to TRESIO and the payroll data is processed in real-time for your cash flow forecasts.

3. Get your full list of employees under 'HR Planning'

HR-Planning in TRESIO.png

Employees hired outside Deel can be added manually with a click on 'New'.


Under 'Settings', you can define how the HR-cost shall be categorized in the forecast.

Once the HR-cost is all set (for most small businesses, this is the biggest and most crucial monthly expense), start adding other budget items under 'Planning Data' and run different scenarios.

Still have any questions?

Our team will be happy to assist you. 
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Companies are forced out of business because they run out of money, not because they are not profitable. Small businesses are especially vulnerable, as they lack the tools and knowledge to manage their finances in an effective manner.


We set out to change this, and built a simple, yet powerful solution, that seamlessly connects with the tool-stack you are already using on a daily basis.


TRESIO is a fintech company based in Switzerland. Our international team of finance and tech enthusiasts is on a mission to transform how business owners look at their finances.


We believe that the role of finance is a crucial, yet often underestimated factor for the success of small businesses.


With TRESIO, finance organizations of small and medium-sized enterprises transform into API-first, fully digitized and cloud-enabled powerhouses.

The core of our solution is the cashflow planning module, which seamlessly integrates with accounting-solutions, banks, invoicing and subscription tools, subscription management and HR-software. Gain a better understanding of your future cash flow and make faster, better informed business decisions.

Forget Excel

Advance your cash flow management & HR-planning
with TRESIO and Deel!

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